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The Battle Begins in 2013

Before Haircut1 After Haircut2 Ready to Donate3 Donated to Locks of Love4 First Day of Chemo5 Third Day of Chemo6 Seeking Vein After Infiltration7 Chemo Round Two on Day One with Danielle8 Some Meds I Take9 Progressive Hair Loss10 My Beloved Puppy, Bailey, Died a Few Weeks into My Treatment11 My Support Group Includes My Mom and Aunt Susie, a Two-Time Breast Cancer Survivor12 My Friend, Deanna, and Me Before I Started Week Six of Treatment13 My Friend, Taryn, Did a Relay for Life on May 4 and Donated a Survivors Bag for Me14 My Friend, Taryn, and I Participated in the May 11 Miles for Moffitt Fundraiser15 Carlos, Me, My Friend Taryn, and Carlos' Sister, Derley16 Family and Friends Joined Me in the Run — We Raised $575!17 We Get a Photo Finish18 Graduation!19

Second Battle with Cancer in 2016


From left, top: Neck dissection May 27 and some of my friends visiitinG during a chemo treatment — Bethany, me, Holly, Deanna and Taryn; bottom: Lymphedema starting after surgery; improvement following port removal, and first exercise following Joe’s stroke and my surgery.